Saturday, September 23, 2017

Static Flash

March 9, 2011 by  
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This is a good project to try in the winter when the air is dry. It’s another way to use static electricity to make light flash in your hands. Simple to do, all you need is a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and a comb. No need to screw the lamp into a light socket, you […]

Bendy Water

February 13, 2011 by  
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Here’s a science experiment you can do in your own kitchen! All you need is a plastic comb. Go to the sink and turn on the water. Adjust it to a thin stream. If it breaks into drops, it’s too thin. Run the comb through your hair several times. What you’re doing is charging it […]

Static Electricity is Cool

June 26, 2010 by  
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This most excellent hairdo is thanks to thousands of volts of static electricity! Not to worry, it’s harmless.  Well, almost harmless as it can give you a pretty good good snap!   🙂 Did you ever get out of the car in the winter and get a shock? Yep!  That’s static electricity. In future posts, […]